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Gross Encounters is a workshop, festival and film screening club developed by Reem Saleh and Noam Toran, now running in its fourth year.
This collective initiative tackles the politics of monstrosity and alienhood hands on, by honoring low-budget and low-brow sci-fi and horror productions.
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Miniature Image is a workshop, festival and film screening club developed by Reem Saleh and Noam Toran, now running in its third year.

This collaborative and ever-expanding initiative explores the following themes:

Monstrosity, Alienhood and Coloniality
We critically examine how perceptions of alienhood and 'otherness' are indelibly shaped by colonial and imperial legacies. The platform endeavors to disrupt these legacies by exploring alternative imaginaries.

The Power of Low Budget/Low Brow Expressions
Embracing the ethos of no/low budget and low-brow film-making and art production, and by valuing the aesthetics and expressions that society deems ‘trash’, we harness the power of peripheral genres to forge new paths towards liberation, representation and social critique.

Challenging Modernism and Its Value Systems
The project helps us to confront the dominant value systems of colonial modernity and question their various manifestations.

Workshop participants are invited to imagine and bring to life, through short films, performances, and installations, intimate encounters with alien or monstrous beings. While this prompt may seem innocuous, it is through the illuminating potential of exploitation, trash, sci-fi and horror fictions that the workshop endeavors, in its modest way, to confront and deconstruct colonialism's defining of 'THE OTHER’, and the sustained, organized assault such a definition has wrought on beings, bodies, consciousness, and imagination.

The methods employed are directly inspired by low-budget and 'low-brow' film production, connecting participants with the vibrant yet criminally marginalized histories of subaltern and counter-hegemonic filmmaking. During the workshop, we dive hand and head-first into the politics of monstrosity and alienhood by setting up a gore-fest lab. Here, we concoct no-budget SFX recipes and contribute to a Collective Cookbook for No/Lo-Fi & No/Lo-Budget Productions. Participants learn horror and sci-fi makeup, analog special effects, cinematography, soundtrack creation, and editing, enabling them to craft intimate —and very messy— encounters.

The 'making' aspect of the workshop is complemented by lectures, screenings, guest collaborators, and an openly accessible database containing screening films, a bibliography, and articles.

Miniature Image has been hosted at institutions such as ZHdK in Zurich, ENS-Saclay in Paris, HEAD Geneva, and Central St. Martins in London. Notable guests who have enriched the workshop include Fatou Dravé, Joseph Popper, Noemi Castella, Keith Jones, and Fatima Wegmann. In 2020, a public seminar marked the launch of the workshop, featuring speakers Nisi Shawl, P. Djeli Clark, Muhammad Jabali, Grace Dillon, and Tabita Rezaire.


Miniature Image spawned in Beirut, where they spent most of their time watching bootleg 144p films torrented through a dodgy internet connection.
They’re a designer, writer and keeper of the Cookbook.

In 2019, they initiated a body of work revisiting the history of exploitation cinema, with a focus on the anti-colonial, queer and feminist struggles at play in a selection of subgenres.
They also examine the work of fandoms, past and present, in irreverently taking ownership of set narratives through shared means of storytelling and knowledge production.
In true geek fashion, their work expands upon niche anecdotes and footnotes to weave intricate, outsider histories.

During Miniature Image workshops, they speak about low-brow culture as a site for resistance of hegemonic conditioning and building community with the past.
Their main project at the moment tackles issues of horror, grief and memory in haunted homes and screens.
They live and work online.

Miniature Image emerged out of a primordial ooze buried in the Chihuahuan desert, and spent his childhood sneaking into the Castro Theatre to gorge on triple bills of Noirs, Westerns, Slashers, and sci-fi B movies. His artistic and teaching practice seeks to disrupt imperial and colonial legacies through transgressive, cross-dimensional and a-temporal storytelling. He strives to honour and celebrate various counter-hegemonic expressions of genre fiction, recognizing them as sites for resistance and empowerment which subvert traditional narratives and reshape historical perceptions.

He is currently writing a semi-autobiographical horror-western, binging on Pinky Violence films, and learning from his amazing students.


Miniature Image

Gross Encounters Workshop #10 Central Saint Martins, London Oct 23-25 2024
Gross Encounters Workshop #11 HEAD, Geneva TBD
Gross Encounters Workshop #12 Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam TBD

Miniature Image

One-Night Fright Festival Espace Dukat, Geneva Nov 16 2023
Gross Encounters Workshop #9 HEAD, Geneva Nov 7-10 2023
Gross Encounters Workshop #8 Central Saint Martins, London Oct 4-6 2023
Gross Encounters Workshop #7 ZHdK, Zurich Mar 28-31 2023
Gross Encounters Workshop #6 Central Saint Martins, London Nov 16-18 2022
Gross Encounters Workshop #5 HEAD, Geneva Oct 17-21 2022
Gross Encounters Workshop #4 ZHdK, Zurich Apr 4-8 2022
Gross Encounters Workshop #3 ENS Paris-Saclay, Paris Mar 9-11 2022
Gross Encounters Workshop #2 HEAD, Geneva Nov 22-Dec 10 2021
Gross Encounters Workshop #1 ZHdk, Zurich March 22-26 2021

GE#2 | HEAD, Geneva | Nov 22-Dec 10 2021

GE#3 | ENS, Paris-Saclay | Mar 9-11 2022

GE#4 | ZHdK, Zurich | Apr 4-8 2022

GE#5 | HEAD, Geneva | Oct 17-21 2022

GE#6 | CSM, London | Nov 16-18 2022

GE#7 | ZHdK, Zurich | Mar 28-31 2023

GE#8 | CSM, London | Oct 4-6 2023

ONF FESTIVAL | Dukat, Geneva | Nov 2023

The One-Night Fright Festival is a dreadful evening of talks, performances, screenings and sonic expressions. During this first edition, we celebrated and thought through Barbara Creed’s defining of the ‘monstrous feminine’ trope in horror cinema and its socio-political ramifications. The evening was hosted by the Gross Encounters film club, Espace Dukat and students from HEAD’s Space and Communication department, and generously supported by artists and designers from collectif Kimera and HEAD-Genève.

Ervehea Ziza's talk explored the notion of ‘ugliness’ and its representation in the horror genre by applying an intersectional feminist perspective.

The Monstrous Feminine Podcast (MonFem Pod) presented a visual essay engaging with the seven ‘faces’ of the monstrous-feminine as analyzed by Barbara Creed and offered perspectives that go beyond certain problematic theoretical tethers in Creed’s work.

Foley artist Julie Cail was live on stage to create the sound effects for a chosen iconic monstrous feminine horror sequence (Species, 1995).

The collectif Kimera hosted the festival and developed a scenography in partnership with students from the master Space & Communication.



Essential Viewing


Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi


The Boxer's Omen
Director: Kuei Chih-Hung
Hong Kong,1983


Evil Dead II
Director: Sam Raimi


Ganja & Hess
Director: Bill Gunn
USA, 1973


Jaka Sembung
Director: Sisworo Gautama


White Trash Girl
Director: Jennifer Reeder


Tetsuo: The Iron Man
Director: Shinya Tsukamoto


Director: Mohammed Shebl
Egypt, 1981


Director: Jörg Buttgereit


Mondo Cane
Directors: Paolo Cavara,
Gualtiero Jacopetti,
and Franco Prosperi


Ginger Snaps
Director: John Fawcett
Canada, 2000


Director: William Girdler
USA, 1974


Born in Flames
Director: Lizzie Borden
USA, 1983


Goke, Body Snatcher from Hell
Director: Hajime Satō
Japan, 1968


Terminal Island
Director: Stephanie Rothman
USA, 1973


Fantasy of the Deer Warrior
Director: Zhang Ying
Taiwan, 1961


Class of Nuke 'Em High
Directors: Lloyd Kaufman,
Richard W. Haines,
and Michael Herz
USA, 1986


Mystics in Bali
Director: Tjut Djalil
Indonesia, 1981


Multiple Maniacs
Director: John Waters
USA, 1970


Director: Ram Gopal Varma
India, 1992


Flaming Creatures
Director: Jack Smith
USA, 1963


Director: Ishirō Honda
Japan, 1963

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